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Paul Hawken

Paul Hawken founded his first business in 1966—the country’s first natural foods company—and has since founded or cofounded several companies and organizations. He speaks regularly on the impact of commerce on the environment. He also consults with governments and corporations throughout the world on economic development, industrial ecology, and environmental policy.

Paul Hawken is author of several books, including The Next Economy, Natural Capitalism, and The Ecology of Commerce. He is founder of the Natural Capital Institute, a research organization that created Wiser Earth, an open source networking platform that connects professionals and businesses/organizations who are concerned about the environment and social justice.

Hawken’s most recent project is OneSun, Inc., an energy company focused on ultra low-cost solar-based on green chemistry and biomimicry. 

What People are Saying about Paul Hawken

“[He is] one of the 10 most important people alive.”
—President Bill Clinton

“Avoiding stormy rhetoric, Hawken thoughtfully reviews ecological theories and disasters and insists that ‘ecology offers a way to examine all present economic and resource activities from a biological rather than a monetary point of view.’ Calling for a restorative economy, he proposes rational, achievable goals…”
—Publishers Weekly

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