Abigail Thomas


Abigail Thomas

Abigail Thomas’s memoir style has revolutionized the genre. Her books are not only cherished by her fans, they’re used in classrooms around the world.

Her most recent memoir, What Comes Next and How to Like It was published in 2015, and her memoir, A Three Dog Life, was named one of the best books of 2006 by the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post.

Most recently, Abigail Thomas has been working with writers in an oncology support program memoir group in Kingston, New York. Her other titles include Safekeeping, a memoir, and Thinking About Memoir. 

What Others are Saying About Abigail Thomas

“Abigail Thomas is a brilliant writer whose stories and memoirs I have loved for a long time. Now she has written a brilliant book about creating stories and memoirs, that is also a kind of memoir, rich with stories that made me sigh, laugh, wince with recognition, and actually even want to write. [Thinking About Memoir] is beautiful, charming, funny, painful, and will be of indescribable value and inspiration to anyone who wants to write anything.”
—Anne Lamott, author of Bird by Bird

 “[Abigail Thomas’] A Three Dog Life is, I think, the best memoir I have ever read. It’s sad, terrifying, and scorchingly honest. It’s also a testament to the power of love, suggesting that even when love isn’t enough…somehow, it is.”
—Stephen King

“[Abigail Thomas’] many gifts as a writer and deeply generous person show us what is possible when two brave people examine a reconfigured life—one that conjures the uncanny, spotlights the power of art, and amplifies the meaning and reach of love.”
—Amy Hempel, author of The Dog of the Marriage