Aisha Salem

Aisha Salem has been facilitating truth across the world since 2003. She is the founder of Gateway Online, an online portal that is a container for investigation, realization, and exploration for every aspect of reality, from the deepest intimacy to the widest expanse.

Through 17 years of radical surrender, Aisha has been merging with truth in deep realization of and integration with all aspects of source—from Hearts Universality over Minds vast expanse and deeply into the Womb of the Earth. Aisha has merged with some of the most profound Buddhistic masters in time (primarily through the Dzogchen lineage), through extended periods of receiving teaching in both solitary retreat and living life. These Masters include Djwhal Khul, Longchenpa, Yeshe Tsogyal, and most recently and ongoing Phadmasambhava. 

Aisha is a woman of truth, an Inspirator and guide on the path of self-realization, awakening, and embodiment. In living the eternal and open-ended surrender to Truth, Aisha is endlessly deepening as the sacred divinity, intimate humanity and vast expanse, sharing with us on our journeys, in many ways incomprehensible to the mind and hidden to the eye.

Aisha lives in Denmark within a growing community of people she works with. She facilitates both residential and online retreats, facilitates via the global community portal (Gateway Online), and is a speaker at several international conferences, webinars, and festivals.