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Alanna Kaivalya

Alanna Kaivalya, PhD, is author of Myths of the Asanas: Stories from the Heart of the Yoga Tradition, a go-to guide for practitioners who are interested in the stories of the origins of yoga poses; Sacred Sound: Discovering the Myth and Meaning Behind Mantra and Kirtan, a modern “hymnal” for today’s most popular chants and mantra; and Yoga Beyond the Mat: How to Make Yoga Your Spiritual Practice, which brings together her many years of experience as a teacher and practitioner of yoga, as well as her studies of mythology, psychology, ritual, and alchemy.

Alanna Kaivalya is creator of the Kaivalya Yoga Method, which emphasizes each individual’s capacity for walking their own journey of transformation. She has been teaching students since 2001 and teachers since 2003. Named by Yoga Journal as one of the next generation of teachers shaping the future of yoga, Kaivalya leads workshops and kirtans worldwide and has released a CD of her own music titled Shine. She has written for Yoga Journal and has been featured on and in Body + Soul magazine. She is also the creator of a number of online courses, including an online yoga teacher training.

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