Alexia Rees

Alexia Rees is a longtime practitioner and teacher of QiGong (vital energy gathering) and Mulan Quan, a feminine Tai Chi style that incorporates ancient dance movements. Mulan Quan has only recently been introduced in the West, and Ms. Rees trained with a direct disciple (Ying Meifeng, of Shanghai) of this unique style’s founder.

Born into a musical family in Russia, Rees studied classical music at the St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music. After emigrating to the United States Rees and her family settled in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, bordering Chinatown. It was at that time that Rees was first introduced and became fascinated with the graceful, highly disciplined, meditative practice of Tai Chi and QiGong, which soon became an integral part of her life. 

Rees has been a Tai Chi core faculty member at Omega Institute since 2010, as well as a private Tai Chi instructor in the Greater New York Area since 2005. In addition to her Tai Chi practice, Rees performs as a classical piano soloist and in chamber music festivals, and has enjoyed a vibrant teaching career as a private piano instructor and an early childhood educator.