Alison Serour

Alison Serour

Alison Serour, a senior instructor at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, where she teaches spiritual wisdom on a daily basis through retreats, classes, and workshops, as well as one-to-one sessions with students from around the world.

She was first inspired to study the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah after witnessing the miraculous transformation Kabbalah made in her family’s life. Since that awakening more than 20 years ago, Serour has dedicated her life to change the chaos in the world through teaching spiritual wisdom. She combines her desire to spread the kabbalistic tools for creating peace with her passion for meditation and vocal healing.

Alison Serour, who has been singing since childhood and has a vocal performance degree from the University of Miami Conservatory of Music, believes the voice is the most powerful instrument for sound healing. Using her calming, empowering voice, Serour has guided thousands through her meditation classes, and her monthly online healing circles draw hundreds of participants from around the world. As a favorite meditation guide on the popular app Insight Timer, Serour’s voice has reached more than 250,000 listens. Through soothing Kabbalistic meditations, she has created an access point for individuals to close their eyes and meet the challenges they face daily, to be guided towards their inner source. 

Alison Serour is also an emerging producer, composer, and performer of sacred music, who shares the gift of her voice as a conduit for global healing and peace.

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