Amoda Maa

Amoda Maa

Amoda Maa is a contemporary spiritual teacher, author, and speaker. After a profound inner awakening and a long period of integration, she began speaking from silence to small gatherings in the United Kingdom. Now based in California, she travels widely to offer talks, meetings, and retreats, and is a frequent speaker at conferences, attracting spiritual seekers and people looking for peace and fulfillment in an increasingly chaotic world.

Her teachings are free of religion and tradition, and she brings to them a deep understanding of the human journey, born out of her own experience. Her newest book, Embodied Enlightenment, has been acclaimed as “a precious gift to an emerging new humanity."  

What People are Saying About Amoda Maa:  

"Amoda Maa is a fresh, clear voice of the grounded feminine who speaks directly to the heart of anyone hungering for lasting peace in a turbulent and uncertain world. The clarity of her realization shines forth through her words, as she calls for us all to consciously embody the living truth in our ordinary human existence.”  

—Shanti Einolander, founder of ONE The Magazine    

“Amoda Maa reminds us that enlightenment is not simply a transcendent spiritual orgasm into knowing ourselves as unchanging awareness; it invites us ever more deeply into our humanity, into the paradoxes of life, with an unconditional embrace. Her voice is a breath of fresh air in its precision and breadth, as well as its depth and down-to-earth parlance.”  

—Miranda Macpherson, author of Boundless Love

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