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Amy Ippoliti

Amy Ippoliti

Amy Ippoliti travels the world extensively, helping people bridge the gap between ancient yoga wisdom and modern day life. She believes everyone has the capacity to reach their highest potential. A pioneer for advanced yoga education, she cofounded 90 Monkeys, a professional development organization that has enhanced the teaching and career skills of more than 1,500 yoga teachers worldwide.

Amy has appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal and Fit Yoga Magazine, as well as being featured in numerous publications, including Yoga International, Yoga Journal, Self, New York magazine, Yogini magazine (Japan), Allure (Korea), and Elephant Journal.

Since the age of 14, Amy Ippoliti has championed all forms of eco-consciousness, rainforest and marine conservation, and animals everywhere. She teaches internationally and presents yearly at Yoga Journal Conferences, the Asia Yoga Conference, Wanderlust Festivals, and the Hanuman Festival.

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