Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad is the daughter of a Syrian refugee, parent of two, and a retreat leader, sound healer, musician, producer, songwriter, and author. She has been making music and touring full time since 2008, and in recent years has been public about her religious deconstruction, as well as her work with PTSD symptoms and religious trauma. Her modalities include sound healing, internal family systems (IFS) embodiment work, archetypal mapping, oracle practices such as runes and tarot, and music healing.

Audrey’s music has always been drawn from a well deep with personal experience and discovery. With each new release, she gives listeners an honest look at the seasonal highs and lows of what has turned out to be a layered and complex spiritual journey. Her critically acclaimed 2018 LP Evergreen marked the beginning of a period of spiritual rewiring, and her newest project, Eden, shows how she's grown, deepened, and healed.