Barry Goldstein

Barry Goldstein’s musical experience spans many styles and genres, from coproducing the Grammy Award-winning track 69 Freedom special with Les Paul to providing ambient music for Shirley Maclaine. Goldstein has composed and produced for television, film, major record labels and top 10 recording artists. 

In addition, he reached the Billboard top 10 albums on the New Age charts with New York Times best-selling authors Neale Donald Walsch and Anita Moorjani. He has also composed and produced music for authors Daniel Amen, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, and Colette Baron-Reid.

Goldstein’s music is being used in hospitals, hospices, cancer centers, and medical practices. He speaks at medical and new thought conferences on bridging the science and spirituality of sound healing and his music will be the focus of a research study in 2017. 

His book, The Secret Language of the Heart, provides the latest scientific research on the benefits of sound, music, and vibration and has received praise from pioneers in the medical field such as Dr. Daniel G. Amen, Dr. Norman Shealy, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. James Oschman