Brenda Shoshanna

Brenda Shoshanna

Brenda Shoshanna, PhD, is a psychologist in private practice in Manhattan and a longtime practitioner of Zen and Judaism. In her work as a psychologist, speaker, and workshop leader, she helps people see relationships as spiritual practice and find ways of nurturing the experience of love. She is the author of Zen and the Art of Falling in Love and When Someone You Care for Is Sick.

As a psychologist, Shoshanna works with individuals and couples who wish to find relief from stress, anxiety, depression, loss, and relationship difficulties. She helps clients discover inner resources, engage in heathy communication  and build uplifting, satisfying relationships both with others and themselves. She works with a wide variety of  life problems and issues, from depression, anxiety and stress relief, to relationship difficulties, grief, loss, and more.

A long-term student of meditation, Shoshanna incorporates those methods in her work with clients. She also is well-trained in transpersonal psychology, including the use of meditation and mindfulness practice, to assist focus and stress.

She has published five books about various aspects of psychology such as relationships, mourning, and personal achievement. Her books have been published in over 13 languages.


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