Byron Katie

Byron Katie, best-selling author and founder of The Work, has one mission in life: to teach people how to end their own suffering. She has worked with millions of people throughout the world, many of whom report lasting transformations. The Work is a way to deeply investigate stressful thoughts. Byron Katie's four simple questions have the capacity to radically transform lives. As she guides people through The Work, they discover freedom from their painful beliefs about other people, about themselves, and about the world as they see it. 

After more than a decade of struggling with severe depression, Katie experienced a profound and life-changing realization that she has since shared with millions. In 1986, at the bottom of a 10-year spiral into depression, rage, and self-loathing, Katie woke up one morning to a state of joy that has never left her. She realized that when she believed her stressful thoughts, she suffered, but when she questioned them, she didn't suffer, and that this is true for every human being. Her simple yet powerful process of inquiry is called The Work.

Byron Katie has been bringing The Work to millions of people for more than 30 years. Her public events, weekend workshops, intensives, and nine-day School for The Work have brought freedom to people all over the world.

Her books include the best-selling Loving What Is, I Need Your Love—Is That True?, A Thousand Names for Joy, and A Mind at Home With Itself.

What People are Saying About Byron Katie

 “Katie’s laser-like tough love burns away all illusions.”
The Times (London)

“[Byron Katie’s] Work is amazingly effective—a simple, straightforward antidote to the suffering we unnecessarily create for ourselves.”
—David Chadwick, author of Crooked Cucumber: The Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki

“Byron Katie’s Work is a great blessing for our planet.”
—Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now

“[Katie is a] visionary for the new millennium.”
Time magazine