Carioca Trio

The Carioca Trio is led by Brazilian master classical guitarist and vocalist, Carioca Freitas and accompanied by acclaimed Brazilian percussionist Luis Guello, and world class Greek cellist Dimos Goudaroulis. Carioca has toured the world for more than 15 years playing his distinct jazz sounds which combine elements of Brazilian folkloric music, modern rhythms, and nuances of other styles from Brazil and beyond, all delivered through an exhilarating instrumental palette. Carioca has recorded more than 15 original CDs and has produced and collaborated with numerous esteemed musicians worldwide.

Carioca's CDs include Danças Brasileiras and Uirapuru, which draw inspiration from mystical Amazonia and Brazilian dance. In their concerts, the trio infuses the language of chamber music with virtuosic jazz improvisation all tied together by exceptional musicianship and alchemy.