Carolyn Scott Kortge

Carolyn Scott Kortge is author of The Spirited Walker, which chronicles her midlife transformation from “klutz” to competitive racewalker. She holds bronze and silver medals from the USA Track and Field Association’s National Masters Championships and was formerly ranked among the top five women racewalkers in her age group. Two years after the release of The Spirited Walker, a cancer diagnosis changed Kortge’s life path, inspiring her to create the Walking Well® program and to write her second book, Healing Walks for Hard Times.

An award-winning journalist, cancer survivor, and seasoned public speaker, Carolyn Scott Kortge has been featured as a mindful walking expert in many publications, including SELF, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Health, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Newsweek. She presents her Walking Well® program at wellness events nationally.

What People are Saying About Carolyn Scott Kortge

“Carolyn’s advice is practical, lucid, and speaks to every aspect of our lives.”
—Dan Shapiro, PhD, author of Delivering Doctor Amelia
“After leading thousands of people, a few at a time, on hiking trails of every description, I am convinced of the transformative potential of walking. Carolyn...[is] gently guiding us into what is ultimately a spiritual journey.”
—Mark Black, hiking director of Canyon Ranch, Tucson