Celia Anne Browne


Celia Anne Browne

Celia Anne Browne is an international acting coach and yoga teacher based in Paris, France.

As an endorsed master teacher of the Eric Morris System of Acting (author of No Acting Please) and the creator of the Conscious Actor practice, Celia Anne draws from Eric’s profound and applicable instrumental and craft techniques as well as her experience teaching yoga and meditation more than a decade.

Born in Brooklyn to a thespian family who ran a theater in Montauk and produced in New York City, Celia Anne has an extensive background in the arts. Dance was her first love, but she also has experience in theater, film, and television working across the industry as a producer, director, writer, casting director, and agent.

Traveling through both India and Brazil to immerse herself in the study of Yoga, healing practices, and natural medicine, Celia has redefined her vision of teaching creative process. She guides each artist to deeply and consciously reach their creative source and takes them out of their comfort zone to discover their full range of expression and potential.

Celia's teaching is not only interesting for actors but for all artists who feel they want to dive deeper within their instrument to create more consciously. She teaches the Advanced Film and TV program at Bilingual Acting Workshop in Paris, France as well as workshops for professional actors worldwide. As the creator of the Conscious Actor practice, Celia Anne helps actors gain confidence, feel empowered, and to take active steps towards creating a holistic, inspired life they envision, as they also create opportunities to be hired as an actor.

She has contributed as a writer and editorial consultant to LA Yoga Magazine and Mara Schiavetti's A Green Beauty.