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Charlotte Sophia Kasl

Charlotte Sophia Kasl

Charlotte Sophia Kasl, PhD, is author of nine books, including the popular If the Buddha Dated and If the Buddha Married, both of which are based on Kasl’s 30 years of experience as a therapist with individuals and couples, as well as hundreds of interviews. A licensed professional clinical counselor in Montana, Kasl is also a certified addiction specialist in the areas of chemical dependency and sexuality.

Throughout the United States and abroad, Kasl has led workshops on relationships, addiction, sexuality, spirituality, community, healing from incest and abuse, preventing burn out, empowerment, and finding joy. Published in 1992, her groundbreaking book, Many Roads, One Journey: Moving Beyond the 12 Steps, introduced a 16-step empowerment approach for overcoming addiction that focuses onfinding one’s voice, building confidence, taking action in one’s behalf, and understanding addiction in a cultural context. It has been used throughout the United States and Canada for overcoming trauma, addiction, and depression.

In 1987, she was part of a task force funded by the Department of Human Services in Minnesota to create a treatment program for chemically dependent women.A member of the advisory boards of The Women’s Recovery Network and The Women’s Action Alliance for Alcohol and Drug Education, she was invited twice by the National Center For Substance Abuse Prevention to participate in a synthesis conference to make recommendations on the needs of women. In 2000, If the Buddha Dated, was one of five finalists for the National Books for Better Living Awards.

Charlotte Kasl’s other books include If the Buddha Got Stuck, If the Buddha had Kids, Zen and the Art of a Happier Life, and A Home for the Heart.