Curt Newton

Curt Newton

Curt Newton is the acting publication director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's web-based publication, OpenCourseWare (OCW). He also serves as content advisor for MIT ClimateX and cohost of the podcast “Climate Conversations.”

In these roles, Newton combines his open education leadership experience and passionate commitment to collective climate action toward more open, connected, and dynamic ways to learn, collaborate, and take action on climate change.

Over nearly 15 years, his management and content curation has helped build OCW into the world’s largest and most visited institutional collection of free open educational resources, used by millions of learners and educators every year.

In 2016, he helped launch and scale up ClimateX, an experimental online community for climate learning and collaboration, which has just become the university’s new online climate portal.

Newton is the staff representative on MIT’s Climate Action Advisory Committee, which provides advice and recommendations toward the success of MIT’s Climate Action Plan.

Outside of MIT, he advocates for stronger state, local, and personal climate action by leading the local 350 Massachusetts chapter, collaborating with city energy and environment officials, and giving climate presentations and facilitated activities to school and community groups.