Cyndi Darnell

Cyndi Darnell

Cyndi Darnell, MHSc, is Australia’s leading sexologist. With more than 20 years of experience exploring and teaching human sexuality, she has a warmth, wit, and undeniable charm that makes people feel safe.

Darnell has advanced degrees in clinical sexology, counseling, and community work and has studied Tantra and Taoist sexuality, Buddhist philosophy, breathwork, mindfulness, and Sexological Bodywork™.

She is the only sexologist to be named one of’s Top 100 Women to Watch in 2015.

A writer, public speaker, and go-to expert on sex and pleasure, she appears regularly on television, radio, and in print in her home country of Australia. She is also the creator and presenter of the The Atlas of Erotic Anatomy & Arousal educational video series.

Darnell offers online courses and private therapy to couples and individuals (in person and via Skype), and she teaches internationally.


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