Damien Wade

Damien Wade is a founding partner of the Conscious Leaders Academy and founder of Health 3.0 a holistic health, educational, performance, and rehabilitation center.

The mission of Health 3.0 is to help people to understand the true meaning of the word health and how to keep it in balance on all levels. Damien found there was a huge gap in the market for education, not just on a physical level but also on a mental, emotional, and energetic level. 

As a health and performance coach Damien delivers seminars all over the world to help the public understand and empower people with tools to help educate family and friends on topics including functional training and weight loss methods, performance coaching for athletes, thyroid and weight management protocols, reversing diabetes, understanding cancer, reducing stress and pain management, clearing energy blockages, connecting to healing from within, mindfulness and more.

Damien also works with the corporate sector and delivers tested and proven strategies to transform the health, energy, and success of the workforce and overall health and profitability of businesses.