Daniel Sullivan


Daniel Sullivan

Daniel Sullivan is founder and chief executive officer of the organic juice company TumericALIVE. He is a classically trained artist who traveled the world studying cultures, languages, and philosophy.

While studying yoga and Ayurveda in India, he fell in love with the herb turmeric. He later went to Hawaii where he worked on an organic turmeric farm and witnessed improvements in his own health and energy level as he ate fresh turmeric daily.

After leaving the farm he tried extracts and dried turmeric but found there was nothing like the fresh root. He soon founded Turmeric ALIVE in 2008 to create the world’s first fresh, organic turmeric beverage.

An important part of TurmericALIVE’s mission is to support family-owned, organic farms; create community partnerships to raise awareness of sustainability practices; and improve the quality of food in schools.