Dar Williams


Dar Williams

Dar Williams has been writing songs, recording, and touring in support of 10 critically acclaimed studio albums for more than years. She has had many adventures around the world, touring in Australia with Ani DiFranco, doing bar gigs in Alaska, joining the Solidarity Singers in Wisconsin, and singing duets throughout Europe and the United States with one of her favorite people, Joan Baez.

Williams has clocked in almost 2,000 gigs, and has enjoyed teaching at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival song school, Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch and in conjunction with concerts at many schools. Teaching an undergraduate course about music movements and democracy at Wesleyan University renewed her faith in the importance of making music and also in the intrinsic, life-affirming value of creating songs, a process she is excited to be sharing in her corner of the world.

She also has written two novels and led the “Give Bees a Camp,” which combines summer camp performances with the planting of bee-friendly gardens with campers. Throughout her demanding travel schedule, Dar Williams has always been sustained by her love of stories—hearing them, gathering them, and telling them in poetry and prose.

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