David A. Levine

David A. Levine is a teacher, trainer, facilitator, author, and musician. His work on teaching empathy as a bully prevention strategy has been featured in the New York Times, National Public Radio, and WABC news in New York City. After teaching elementary and middle school from 1984-1988, he became the chief trainer for the U.S. Department of Education’s Northeast Regional Center for Safe and Drug-Free Schools. During that time (1988-1992) he had the opportunity to design, facilitate, and present numerous workshops and training experiences for teachers, administrators, and students.

David created a framework for social culture building that he calls A School of Belonging. This framework has been implemented in hundreds of schools throughout the Northeast and beyond since 1992. His current offerings represent the most transformative professional development components of this work. 

David is known internationally for using music as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue. His training sessions provide tools for creating an emotionally safe learning community. Using the strategies illustrated in his books Teaching Empathy, The School of Belonging Plan Book; and Building Classroom Communities, David helps workshop participants design educational environments geared to the individuality and potential of each student. In 2016 he founded the Teaching Empathy Institute in the Hudson Valley of New York.

David A. Levine at Omega