David Saltman


David Saltman

For more than 40 years, David Saltman has been an innovator in the teaching of tai chi and qigong, the Chinese healing, meditative, and martial arts. He also has been a prize-winning writer, author, and filmmaker.

Saltman began his tai chi studies in Kuala Lumpur, while working as a consultant to the Malaysian national television network. Returning to the United States, he studied for five years with legendary master S. T. Ying in the San Francisco Bay area. Moving to New York, Saltman practiced for more than 25 years with B. P. Chan, master of martial arts, meditation, and healing practices. David Saltman was Mr. Chan’s teaching assistant for 15 years; after Mr. Chan’s death in 2002, Saltman took over his public classes.

David Saltman has extensive experience teaching in New York City hospitals, in both sub-acute care in-patient units and outpatient clinics, including seven years in the top-rated cardiac rehab unit in the New York City area. He has taught groups of all-black-belt martial artists as well as senior citizens and victims of Parkinson’s and other debilitating diseases.

Concurrent with his work in tai chi and qigong, David Saltman has had a distinguished career in broadcasting and publishing. His writing has appeared in TV Guide, Rolling Stone magazine, and the New York Times.

Saltman has written, produced and directed nearly two hundred documentaries for network television. He has won Emmy and Ace awards, shared a Peabody award, and has had his film work inducted into the Smithsonian Institution. David Saltman also has portrayed a tai chi expert on the NBC television series “Law & Order.”