David Sonatore


David Sonatore

David Sonatore, LCSW, cofounder and program director of the Equus Effect®, a nonprofit organization that aims to help veterans rebuild healthy relationships after military service. He developed his clinical skills through working with inmates in the New York State correctional system and outpatient clients at the psychiatric clinic of St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City. As a graduate of the Eponaquest program in Tucson, Arizona, Sonatore began complementing his diverse clinical skills with Equine Experiential Learning and other body-based interventions, such as Somatic Experiencing®.

Merging the natural prey dynamics of horses and their capacity for resilience in the face of trauma, along with an insightful understanding of how the human species has "evolved" away from these capacities, the Equus Effect® offers a nature-based, non-medical approach to promoting accessible and sustainable tools for nervous system regulation.

Using his platform as a freelance writer, blogger, television/radio guest and corporate/public speaker, David Sonatore further shares his insights, perspectives, and solutions that help individuals create lives lived by design, rather than by default.

He is also a therapist with a private practice and is a career/life coach certified by renowned author and life coach, Dr. Martha Beck.