David Wilcox


David Wilcox

David Wilcox has been touching the hearts of American audiences for more than 20 years with his wise and healing song writing, skillful guitar playing, and inspired improvisational performance style.

His music bravely navigates a path through the emotional static of modern life towards the deep, mystical terrain of the heart. He writes songs that are wake up calls to the heart and a balm for the soul.

Wilcox has released numerous recordings, including How Did You Find Me Here? and with his wife, Nance Pettit, Out Beyond Ideas. He describes his newest release, Blaze, as “complex blossom of contradictions that is held together at the center by this blissfully focused state of mind that I first came to know while pedaling across the country.”  

What People are Saying About David Wilcox

“[David Wilcox] combines the best of both pop and modern folk aesthetics.”
Boston Globe

“For David Wilcox, music is a personal compass for finding his way home. Lining it up with something deep inside, his words become image-filled poetry that dance to an internal rhythm. Challenging situations, elusive ideas, and long-suppressed feelings are directed into inspiring metaphors of hope. Coupled with a seamless melody, it is all delivered in the language of his heart.”
Performing Songwriter magazine

“I’ve been around many healers and therapists and spiritual teachers in my years at Omega, but I have never seen anything quite as magical as what Dave does in a little room with his guitar and his amazing capacity to read the heart of a person, create a song on the spot, and use it to help that person let go of old burdens and move into a new way of seeing the world....He’s a homegrown shaman.”
—Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of Omega Institute