Deborah Koff-Chapin

Deborah Koff-Chapin

Deborah Koff-Chapin, artist, vocalist, author, and teacher, holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from Cooper Union. She has been developing the process of Touch Drawing since she discovered it in revelatory play in 1974.

Creator and publisher of the best-selling decks, SoulCards 1&2, Koff-Chapin is also the author of Drawing Out Your Soul. She has produced multimedia educational materials about the process of Touch Drawing and contributed essays to several books on expressive and spiritual art.

Deborah Koff-Chapin teaches at California Institute of Integral Studies and Wisdom University. She has presented Touch Drawing at conferences and institutions worldwide, including JFK University School of Arts & Consciousness, School of Visual Arts, the American Art Therapy Association, and the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, where she served on the board of directors.

Her artwork has been reproduced in numerous publications, including Psychological Perspectives, Magical Blend, Kindred Spirit, The Quest, Parabola, Beltane Papers, Dream Network, Shaman’s Drum, We’moon Calendar, and on the cover of many books.

Koff-Chapin is founding director of The Center for Touch Drawing, a networking point for the dissemination of Touch Drawing into therapeutic, educational, and spiritual practices. Each summer since 1997, she has convened the Annual Touch Drawing Gathering, which attracts an international community of practitioners.