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Decora is a hip hop artist, DJ, emcee, producer, and performance poet based in the Hudson Valley of New York. Decora is a multifaceted artist, whose interdisciplinary utopian vision unites a folk music ethos with hip hop and social change through community action, making an entirely new creative experience for audiences that is both formally innovative and consciously progressive.

Decora has been actively involved in promoting his message of social change: including his participation with the Newburgh Illuminated Festival to help revitalize the city of Newburgh, NY and his work to found a new chapter of Pete Seeger's "Clearwater" organization in Portland, Oregon to keep our earth and our waters clean. Decora’s debut album “Bread and Oats,” just released, includes his new single “Flowers,” a tribute to his mentor, the late folk legend Pete Seeger of Beacon.

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