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Deirdre Hade

Deirdre Hade

Deirdre Hade is a spiritual teacher, master healer, mystic, and visionary leader in the ancient arts of the wisdom traditions. She is founder of Radiance Healing and Radiance Meditation™, creator of the Radiance Pure Energy Program, and a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, a worldwide organization dedicated to transforming our world community.

 After her mother was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer when Hade was just 15 years old, Hade, with her mother, began developing a method of energy work to assist her mother. Hade was given a copy of A Course in Miracles and began studying the text in earnest. Her mother lived 14 years longer than was thought possible. After her mother died, Hade steeped herself in spiritual studies. Twenty years later, in the midst of a successful ballet and modern dance career, she received her awakening while in deep meditation on the energies of Kabbalah.

Hade studied Chasidic thought and Kabbalah for more than 10 years. She also studied and practiced cranial-sacral healing, personal psychology, and Vedic healing. She was initiated into an ancient mystical order in Varanasi, India, where she received her Hindu name, Dahya Yogini (Merciful Heart).

 Honored by the Circles of Light Foundation as a spiritual leader, Hade was recently chosen to be guest speaker with New York City’s Academi of Life. Deidre Hade’s Foundation for Radiance is a nonprofit center dedicated to healing those who have suffered from trauma, pain, and loss, and she has also been working with the Women’s Prison Association of New York.