Diana Adams

Diana Adams

Diana Adams, Esq., has been a social justice activist on feminist, LGBTQ, environmental, and anti-poverty issues for decades.

As a leader in the legal support of LGBTQ families, Diana is a trained mediator and collaborative attorney who utilizes these skills to facilitate conversations that support the creation of clear personal agreements, as well as solid legal agreements to protect families.

Diana is passionately dedicated to helping form healthy, stable families. Whether between same-sex couples, platonic co-parents, polyamorous families, or different-sex couples, she strives to bring peace and respect to divorce, custody disagreements, and other family transitions.

She is the director of the Euro LGBT Family Law Institute and owner of Diana Adams Law & Mediation, PLLC, based in NYC and Frankfurt, Germany. Diana  speaks internationally, to media such as The New York Times and The Atlantic, on subjects ranging from evolving family structures to mediation and de-escalation. www.DianaAdamsLaw.net



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