E. Alessandra Strada


E. Alessandra Strada

E. Alessandra Strada, PhD, has extensive expertise using integrative medicine modalities for palliative care and hospice patients, as well as their caregivers. She is director of integrative medicine and bereavement services at the Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care at MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care, where she is also director of clinical training in psychology.

Strada has developed a contemplative care support program for clinicians and professional caregivers that incorporates integrative medicine modalities, mindfulness, and meditation.

She is clinical assistant professor of family and social medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City; adjunct associate professor of East-West psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies; and adjunct professor of psychopharmacology at Alliant University.

A fellow in thanatology, she holds advanced degrees in clinical psychology, east-west psychology, and psychopharmacology and is certified in clinical hypnosis, guided imagery, and EMDR. 

Strada is author of Grief in Bereavement in the Adult Palliative Care Setting, The Helping Professional’s Guide to End of Life Care, and Psychology in Palliative Care.