Edgar Ortiz is director of the Yoga Mandir, one of the first schools for Thai massage and yoga in Costa Rica. He is also president of the Costa Rican Yoga Association, which organizes popular yoga festivals. Through Asoyoga, a group that fosters Costa Rica’s growing culture of alternative health and wellness, Ortiz has taught yoga classes in jails, drug rehabilitation clinics, and public schools.

Growing up in Costa Rica, surrounded by art and holistic practices, Edgar Ortiz worked with his father for 10 years in the first holistic practice in Costa Rica, where they trained yoga teachers and body workers. In his twenties, Ortiz lived in India for a year, studying Iyengar Yoga in the North and Ashtanga Vinyasa in the South, as well as other hatha yoga styles in the tradition of Krishnamacharya. He also has spent time in Thailand and Laos, studying Thai massage at the Sunshine Massage School.

Ortiz teaches yoga internationally. Combining Thai massage and yoga, he strives to help students create harmony with their bodies, find peace with their minds, and connect with the inner divine.