Eric Fraser

Eric Fraser is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT) with a specialization in music and sound as a therapeutic modality. He works with people of all ages and has extensive experience working with children and families in foster care, children effected by adverse childhood experiences, autism spectrum, couples counseling, adult psychotherapy, group music therapy, trauma recovery, and addictions.

Eric is also a performing artist with a specialization in Indian classical Bansuri flute. He is the recipient of the Fulbright Senior Research award for Indian classical music and the use of Indian raga’s in music therapy and a co-founder of the Brooklyn Raga Massive.

Eric is a unique multi-instrumentalist engaging people in experiencing and making music to reach clinical goals. He draws from a diverse range of children’s music, meditation and mindfulness music, hip hop, therapeutic songwriting and studio recording, global, folk and pop. 

Eric Fraser at Omega