Eric Monkhouse

Eric Monkhouse

Eric Monkhouse is clinical somatic psychotherapist (LMFT) with training specifically in Reichian Psychotherapy (Orgonomy). He has a vast understanding of the body, with over 20 years of experience as a Thai/sports bodyworker and yoga teacher.

Monkhouse has developed a unique approach to guide his students into deep listening states where spontaneous energy flows and informs movements for deep release and regeneration. He is known for his signature immersive sound experience, where he unites the primal drone of the didgeridoo and harmonium, with tech wizardry of computer synths and live field recordings from his worldwide travels.

Monkhouse was born and raised in London, England.  An avid rugby player, he suffered numerous sports-related injuries over the years before officially quitting the game at age 21 after a severe knee injury. Monkhouse went on to earn a degree in sports science and became a personal trainer and sports massage therapist.

Monkhouse discovered Iyengar yoga in 1997, which quickly solved his stubborn aches and pains. A few years later, Monkhouse found Ashtanga yoga appealing as an athletic, sweaty, mindful exercise. Even later, he was drawn to Vinyasa Flow yoga for its more innovative expression.

Despite being incredibly strong, flexible, and peaceful on the outside, Monkhouse’s inner world has been plagued with frustration.  It wasn't until extensive Reichian psychotherapy that he was able to achieve self-acceptance, which inspired him to earn his master’s degree in integral counseling psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

Monkhouse completed his mentorship and training with Dr. Patricia Frisch, director of the Orgonomic Institute of Northern California.  He has been in clinical practice since 2012 and earned his marriage and family therapist license in 2017. Monkhouse continues to practice and teach in the United States and Europe, building bridges and communities intent on healing themselves and Mother Earth.