Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich is the real-life inspiration behind the Oscar-winning movie that bears her name and highlights how an unknown legal researcher’s persistence was the driving force behind the largest toxic tort settlement in American history.

As an unemployed single mother of three, Brockovich convinced lawyer Ed Masry to hire her as a file clerk at the law firm of Masry & Vititoe. While organizing papers on a pro bono real estate case, Brockovich found incriminating medical records that exposed how Pacific Gas & Electric had been leaking chromium 6 into the groundwater in Hinkley, California, for more than 30 years, severely damaging the health of the residents.

Due to the tenacious efforts of Erin Brockovich and Ed Masry, the utility giant was forced to pay out $333 million in damages.

Erin Brockovich continues to spread messages of personal empowerment and encourages others to stand up and make a difference. She has hosted three seasons of the Lifetime series Final Justice With Erin Brockovich, a show celebrating everyday women who triumph against adversity.

As president of Brockovich Research & Consulting, Erin Brockovich is involved in numerous environmental projects and toxic tort cases worldwide. She is one of the most requested speakers on the international lecture circuit and author of the New York Times business best-seller Take It From Me.

What People are Saying About Erin Brockovich

“Erin inspiring and I know the world to be a better place because she is in it.”
—Julia Roberts, Academy Award-winning actress