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Frannie Faith

Frannie Faith

Frannie Faith, singer-songwriter and certified yoga nidra teacher, brings meditation, mindfulness, and music together to open hearts and heal others. A lifelong meditator and professional performer, Faith has two CDs of original songs, Artist of the Heart and Bring Up The Vibration.

She has been singing her entire life and writing songs since she was a teenager. In her 20s, she landed the role of a country singer on the long-running television soap opera, As The World Turns, for which she wrote and performed more than 40 original songs. Since 1997, she has been organizing and performing in benefit concerts with her talented friends and family to raise money for various charities, including a concert for Buddhist monk Bhante Wimala’s humanitarian causes.

“Singing is my way of healing myself and others by connecting people to their hearts," Faith says. "With open hearts, we are free to be in our natural state of oneness with one another, nature, and our planet, tapping into inner peace, beauty, and joy.”

Frannie Faith also teaches meditation and relaxation techniques for stress reduction and for gaining self awareness, privately and in workshops.

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