Gail Larsen

Gail Larsen

Gail Larsen's first public speaking event was in front of 4,000 women business leaders in Tennessee, and she was terrified. As the first woman recipient of the Tennessee Small Businessman of the Year Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration, Larsen suddenly found herself flooded with speaking invitations, and even an invitation to the White House.

As she began to develop the "right" skills for her new publicly focused career, she found they obscured the freshness and originality that had gotten her where she was in the first place. Through years of study in shamanism, cultural anthropology, and facilitation, as well as writing her first book, Madame Ovary: Midlife As An Art Form, she left behind what the "experts" said and developed her own signature voice for self-expression.

Larsen is founder of Real Speaking® and author of Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story. She has served as executive vice president of NSA, the worldwide association for professional speakers, and teaches and speaks internationally.

 What People are Saying About Gail Larsen

“There is nothing more moving, inspiring, or effective than speaking from your heart. Gail Larsen will take you there.”
—Lindsay Wagner, actress, producer, humanitarian

“Gail is incisive, fierce, and compassionate and does a brilliant job of drawing out the best in each person.”
—Nina Utne, former editor in chief and chief executive officer of Utne Reader