Gene Ang

Gene Ang, PhD, began his training in human biology, philosophy, and religious studies at Stanford University and completed a doctorate in neurobiology at Yale University. After studying the basic mechanisms of brain development and how ultrasound can affect the developing cerebral cortex, he decided to become an energy healer in order to directly impact people and help them heal.

Most of his work centers around the use of subtle energy to help align the subtle energy body and its channels, meridians, and energy centers to help restore balance and harmony to the body and mind so that physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual healing can occur naturally.

Ang is trained in a variety of healing modalities, including MCKS Pranic HealingĀ®, Reconnective Healing, shamanic healing, and Vortex HealingĀ®. He sees himself as part of the interconnectedness that occurs when facilitator, client, and Source/Love/God interact to bring healing forth.

Ang maintains a practice in California and teaches and speaks internationally.