Gina Harris

Gina G. Harris, MBA, MAT, is an educator, restorative justice practices facilitator and trainer, and the founder of the Unity Dialogues, a circle process where students and adults learn from each other and grow from authentic, open dialogue about race and unity development.

She chairs the Illinois Education Association’s Human and Civil Rights Committee, where she has implemented statewide measures to ensure and promote diverse involvement of educators in leadership.

Harris is a member of the National Education Association's board of directors, where she co-created and leads the training for the board on institutionalized racism, the school-to-prison pipeline, and implicit bias.

She is the co-lead of two annual minority leadership trainings and has facilitated trainings for all levels of leaders, educators, and education support professionals at multiple statewide Illinois Education Association professional development conferences. 

Harris also has presented multiple topics at the National Education Association’s nationally led and accredited conferences including the Leadership Summit, Higher Education and Student Conferences.

Gina Harris at Omega