Isha Judd

Isha Judd

Isha Judd is creator of The Isha Judd System, a powerful method of inner transformation that allows practitioners to reduce their stress and fear and cultivate unconditional love, starting with oneself and from there transmitting it to their environment.

Judd has established meditation centers in Uruguay and Mexico that are dedicated to helping practitioners of the system deepen their process of internal growth and self-discovery. She has 30 teachers in the centers and 300 facilitators sharing the system across the world.

Referred to as an “ambassador for peace,” Judd travels the world sharing her message and system with those looking for change. She has helped thousands of people improve their lives as a result. She has spoken to groups of up to 7,000 people and has been invited to speak at many forums including the United Nations and the Global Citizens Forum. 

Judd founded the Isha Educating for Peace, a self-funded NGO that teaches the Isha Judd System for free to support those in difficult life circumstances including orphans, the terminally ill, prisoners, and people with disabilities. Her foundation created a formal educational proposal Educative Meditation©, within the framework established by the vision of UNESCO. This series of practical and universal tools for learning to be and live together is already being adopted in some countries in South America.

Her books include Why Walk When You Can Fly, The Consciousness Revolution, Love Has Wings, Love Above All Things, and The Global Citizen.