J. Kim Wright


J. Kim Wright

J. Kim Wright is a visionary lawyer, strategist, and independent scholar on a global tour to inspire transformation in law.

She has been a lawyer since 1989. Early in her career, she began to explore the transformational models of law practice. Her holistic and healing approach helped her clients create and dissolve important relationships, like marriages and small businesses. She not only tried cases; she also held many hands and listened to a lot of hope and heartbreak.

Wright’s legal work is now focused on helping conscious businesses align their legal documents with their expressed mission, vision, and values, creating sustainable relationships with their own built-in conflict resolution systems.

As a leader in the integrative law movement, Wright is focusing more on policy and movement building: strategy, networking, advocating, speaking, training, and being a spokesperson for a new paradigm of law.

In 2007, Wright gave up her house and office and has been traveling full-time as a location-independent nomad. In recognition of her work, The American Bar Association (ABA) described Wright in 2009 as a “Legal Rebel, finding new ways to practice law, represent their clients, adjudicate cases and train the next generation of lawyers.”

Wright is the author of an ABA best-selling book, Lawyers as Peacemakers, Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law. She leads continuing education programs based upon the book and her broader work. She is a consultant to courts, law firms, legal organizations, law schools, workshop leaders, authors, and the media, including several documentary filmmakers.