Jacalyn Bennett


Jacalyn Bennett

Jacalyn Bennett is a trained artist and the founding president of Bennett and Company, a fashion brand that embraces Gandhian principles, ecology, human rights, and social consciousness. She became a member of Omega's board of directors in 2017.

Bennett has been creating art and sharing her love of art since she was a child. She attended eight years of art school, and under the guidance of renowned French painter Jean-Pierre Besenval, Bennett continued developing her work painting landscapes.  

A solid supporter of many organizations advocating for social justice and peace both in the United States and internationally, Bennett believes that her study of art and of meditation cultivated in her the values and strength necessary to live in this world. As a strong believer that art is an expression of the human spirit, she continues to teach and encourage the peaceful development of this expression in others.  


Jacalyn Bennett at Omega