Jacqui Lalita


Jacqui Lalita

Jacqui Lalita is an acclaimed belly dance teacher and performer. She has studied Oriental dance, Romani gypsy dance, Sufi whirling, samba, Afro-Brazilian dance, Odissi Indian temple dance, and flamenco.

Using music and movement as a cultural bridge to transcend illusionary borders, she has traveled the globe sharing dance with the people of many countries, including Egypt, Turkey, Bali, Costa Rica, Peru, the Virgin Islands, Greece, the United States and throughout Europe. Fun, funky and full of surprises, Lalita is known for captivating audiences and students with her sensual and soulful dancing.

Lalita’s love of sensual living extends to her interest in raw chocolate and herbal elixirs. Since 2000 she has been working with these superfoods to help people bring delicious decadence into their lives. Known for her pop-up chocolate parties, she is creator of Love Goddess Chocolates, consults for restaurants across the United States, and teaches internationally.

Her classes, whether on dance or superfoods, are electrifying, nurturing, and always full of love.