Jamie Catto


Jamie Catto

Jamie Catto is the creator, producer, and director of the multi-award winning, double-Grammy nominated 1 Giant Leap films and albums, and founding member of electronica group Faithless. Catto draws from the diverse wisdom, techniques, and processes he has encountered throughout his groundbreaking filming, recording, and philosophy voyages across all five continents and weaves these creative techniques and exercises to spark both professional and personal breakthroughs.

Catto’s  work is renowned in the corporate and workshop arenas for being playfully challenging and enlightening. He says: “Intimacy is being open and vulnerable; it’s a willingness to dare to be seen as more than just the safe, predictable version of yourself. As we gently take off our everyday masks, the aspects of ourselves that we were hiding become the tools and the inspiration for creative masterpieces in our work, and that’s true in our work and partnerships, too. I want you to see that you are wounded in all the right places; that your demons are not your enemies, but your inspiration and your allies. To unleash your creativity, you need to gently unleash yourself.”

What Others are Saying About Jamie Catto:

“Jamie Catto is a human icebreaker with a prow of determination and a motor of love, slicing through the frozen seas around us."
— Tom Robbins

“Jamie Catto is a positive force in the world, and we’re proud to have him as our friend.”
— Noam Chomsky

“Jamie Catto is kind, wise, open, boundlessly energetic, optimistic and passionate. I adore him.”
— Stephen Fry