Jamie R. Forsyth

Jamie R. Forsyth

Jamie R. Forsyth, PhD is an active and gifted clinician and clinical supervisor, with extensive expertise in the use and application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with severe forms mental illness (e.g., psychosis and personality disorders) and forms of psychological and emotional suffering in inpatient, outpatient, and college mental health settings. Beyond ACT, Forsyth is a skillful integrationist and researcher, with specialized knowledge in relational and process-oriented therapeutic work, addictions, motivational interviewing, including mindfulness and self-compassion practices.    

Forsyth holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from The State University of New York at Albany. She is a clinician at Union College, where she offers ACT-based outpatient psychotherapy to college students presenting with significant psychological, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Her clinical work, grounded in evidence-based know-how, offers unique insights into the subtle nuances of ACT as it unfolds in clinical practice. Forsyth is also actively engaged in the dissemination of ACT and mindfulness practices within her college community and, along with her husband John Forsyth, co-leads ACT professional workshops in the United States and abroad.    

Although ACT is her primary theoretical orientation, Forsyth considers herself to be an integrationist and thus draws upon relational and psychodynamic theories to help create a holistic person-centered approach to treatment. Her clinical wisdom, coupled with the depth and scope of her knowledge and skills, bridges various approaches and streams of practice within an ACT point of view.

What People are Saying About Jamie R. Forsyth

“John and Jamie’s ACT workshop at the Omega Institute was fun, inspiring, and informative. They present the ACT model unconditionally, while allowing the students to take away examples and exercises who are applicable to themselves and their clients. I recommend the workshop for anyone wanting to understand the nuts, bolts, and nuances of ACT.”
—Rob Polishook, MA, CPC, mental training coach and director of Inside the Zone Sports Performance Group


Jamie R. Forsyth at Omega