Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed healer, author, speaker, edge pusher, and transformational change agent. She is the proprietor of McLean MasterWorks and creator of the renowned Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT), a powerful healing accelerant that delivers instant results. With more than 800 practitioners in training in this unique system, STT is quickly becoming a “go to” for healers who seek to create real change in these extreme times.

For more than two decades, the innovative STT healing modality has helped tens of thousands of individuals shift held energy in the body, liberating themselves from old hurts and patterns of obstacles that lead to disease and upset and instead creating new neural pathways and patterns of Quantum Wholeness.

McLean covers STT and other healing philosophies in her five best-selling books, as well as dozens of online and in-person programs she offer. She has used the most traumatic events of her life—including growing up in an alcoholic family, being bullied, childhood sexual abuse, and cancer— as opportunities to develop this system of addressing life’s extremes.