Jim Conroy

Jim Conroy, PhD, is The Tree Whisperer™, cofounder of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance, and coauthor, with Basia Alexander, of Tree Whispering and six other books. He left a successful career in the ag-chem industry after an epiphany to become an expert Nature Communicator™.  Research using his multidimensional model is leading edge.

An impassioned speaker and visionary for collaboration with nature, including invasive organisms, he is dedicated to bringing the principles and practices of co-existence with all of nature’s beings into people’s daily lives. He is an authority on nature-based communication and a global expert and teacher who holistically heals stressed trees, plants, and ecosystems with his own bioenergy-healing approach.

Conroy holds a doctorate in plant pathology from Purdue University and is also certified as an organic land care professional through the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut. He has more than 26 years’ experience as an executive in global agriculture new product and business development, marketing, strategic planning, and entrepreneurship. He also served as chairman of the Conservation Technology Information Center and worked with various agriculture-related groups, such as the United Soybean Board.

As founder and president of Plant Health Alternatives, LLC, Conroy has created a revolutionary alternative health care system for plants. To create Tree Whispering®, he combined modern plant science with advances in the new sciences (like quantum physics and holistic living systems) and the philosophy and practices from systems of ancient wisdom, to yield a totally new, leading edge approach to plant health that helps stressed trees and plants reverse their decline and grow healthy and vigorous. Conroy provides an on-site service that saves trees that others have given up on. The service re-establishes dynamic balance among the thousands of interacting and interdependent functions inside trees and other plants, working from the inside out.