Jody Levy

Jody Levy, MBA, EEM-AP is an experienced energy medicine practitioner and coach who is certified in Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, PSYCH-K, Laughter Yoga and coaching. Levy’s work focuses on helping her clients identify and release limiting beliefs and trauma that may lie hidden behind physical and emotional symptoms. Before leaving the corporate world to pursue her life purpose in energy medicine, Levy was a Fortune 500 senior executive in strategy and innovation.

As an energy healer and coach, Levy is open-hearted and particularly passionate about helping people address deep emotional problems that take on the form of physical symptoms, and/or prevent people from living their fullest lives with joy and vitality. Levy also specializes in assisting clients of all age groups, from children to adults, to become empowered to manage their stress and anxiety and overcome energy-related obstacles that keep them from living their best and fullest lives. Levy welcomes the opportunity to work with clients who are struggling with emotional and/or physical issues, including chronic pain, cancer, autoimmune diseases, digestive problems, test/exam anxiety, or ADD/ADHD.

Levy is the founder of Peak Vitality LLC, her private energy healing and transformative coaching practice she started in 2013 in Hopewell and Kingston, New Jersey. She also provides services through the Tanya I. Edwards, MD Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. She holds a Bachelor of Science in food science from Cornell University and a Master of Business Administration in marketing from the Lebow School of Business at Drexel University.