Judith Ansara

Judith Ansara, MSW, has been a leading innovator and teacher of human consciousness for more than 30 years. With a diverse background in psychology and the arts, along with decades of training in contemplative practice and transtraditional spirituality, Ansara trains psychotherapists, coaches, social workers, and educators, and serves as a consultant and trainer to organizations in the United States and Canada.

Ansara is the creator of Women, Spirit, and Power leadership trainings, dedicated to bringing international women leaders together to develop leadership skills that are rooted in both the inner and outer skills of effective and compassion-based action into the world. A Global network is emerging from this work

Judith Ansara was cocreator and facilitator of The Peacemaker Institute Trainings, which trains professionals in contemplative-based peacemaking and social action. She also partnered with her husband, Robert Gass, in creating the popular Opening the Heart workshops, which are now offered at universities, businesses, educational centers, and conferences worldwide. Their popular retreats for couples have been forged in the laboratory of their 40-year marriage.

Drawing on extensive study and practice in yoga, meditation, improvisational movement, and dance, Judith Ansara has a special gift for teaching the arts of conscious embodiment as a path for awakening and action. Also a transdenominational minister and wilderness quest guide, she creatively weaves ritual into her work as a way of marking passages and anchoring the experience of transformation. From her home in Boulder, Colorado, she serves as a coach, consultant, and spiritual guide to advanced students.

What People are Saying About Judith Ansara

“Robert and Judith's retreat is the most profound couples work I have ever done. It totally rejuvenated my relationship with my wife. It helped me see how to practically create and live the relationship we’ve always wanted. I learned more in this six-day retreat than in years of reading books and listening to audio programs. Your wisdom, love, and devotion to our growth are truly amazing. I recommend this workshop to all my friends, colleagues and students.”
—Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Among Judith’s many special gifts is her use of insight, empathy, gentleness, good humor, and toughness of mind to help us muster the courage to step clearly across the bridge from our past and into our power and our life.”
—Western Management Consultants