Judith Garten

Judith Garten, MA, is a teacher, lecturer, and counselor. Her work is rooted in a spiritual, psychological discipline illuminated by Moira Shaw’s The 50/50 Work©, which is based on the Pathwork Lectures of Eva Pierrakos. Garten is also trained in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing and influenced by Judith Schmidt and Alexis Johnson’s work from the Center for Intentional Living.

Garten lived in a displaced persons camp in post-World War II Europe. By age four she had lost her parents, her language, and her home—everything she ever loved. Her search for her true identity led to a deep study of psychology and spirituality and eventually to the understanding that we can see crisis as a gift and change as an opportunity for growth and discovery.

Garten has taught groups as diverse as the Hutus and Tutsi’s of Rwanda to executives from Fortune 500 Companies. She is a former English teacher at The Manhattan School of Music and Pace University, former director of public relations at The Cooper Union, and served as executive director for the New York Pathwork Region, Inc., a nonprofit educational institution promoting self-development.

She navigates the rocky terrain of matters of the heart with hope and love. A provocative and inspiring teacher, she guides anyone from any walk of life who is looking to rethink the rules of living.