Julia A. Eastman


Julia A. Eastman

Julia A. Eastman, DOM, CCH, LAc, is an acupuncturist, a doctor of oriental medicine, and a classical homeopathic physician (there are less than 350 in the United States). She specializes in classical homeopathy for women’s health, pediatrics, and family practice.

In her 20s, after she had suffered from chronic episodes of strep throat and became dissatisfied with conventional medicine, she visited a homeopathic doctor. While she initially balked at the experience, she nonetheless took the medication a week later. After one dose her symptoms disappeared and never returned, and her journey to becoming a classical homeopathic physician began.

Eastman maintains practices in Naples, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona and has satellite offices in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She also serves patients internationally via Skype.

A faculty member, clinical supervisor, and mentor at the American Medical College of Homeopathy and the Academy of Classical Homeopathy, she is a dynamic public speaker, healthcare advocate, and award-winning educator.

An advocate for what she sees as the least invasive and most effective medicine in the world today, she is deeply invested in individualized patient care to restore balance in body, mind, and spirit.